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The 6th Regional Steering Committee Meeting of GF-TADs for Asia and the Pacific (Bangkok, Thailand, 18-19 July 2012)

The 6th FAO/OIE Regional Steering Committee of GF-TADs for Asia and Pacific was convened back-to-back with the 3rd Steering Committee Meeting of EU-HPED Programme in Bangkok, Thailand, on 18-19 July 2012. GF-TADs is a joint initiative of FAO and OIE which specifically aims for the control and prevention of Transboundary Animal Diseases (TADs) and Emerging Infectious Diseases,  providing regional coordinating framework for a range of infectious disease control at global, regional and country levels. Regional Steering Committee Meeting of GF-TADs for Asia and the Pacific is an annual meeting in order to ensure sub-regional guidance and coherence of the regional members, monitor progress, provide strategic direction to the RSOs and RSUs and to foster a spirit of cooperation between members and donors. The 3rd RSC Meeting recommended that Steering Committee Meeting for EU HPED programme to be organized back-to-back with GF-TADs Meeting. Since 2009 the 2 Meetings have been organized consecutively.

Both the Meetings were attended by more than 58 participants from various organizations, namely OIE (HQ, RR-AP and SRR-SEA), FAO (HQ and RAP), Regional Commissions (OIE Regional Commission, FAO/APHCA), WHO SEARO and WAPRO, RSOs (ASEAN, SAARC, SPC), RSUs (ASEAN and SAARC), DLD Thailand and donors (EU, AusAid, Australia, RO Korea, Japan and USAID).

3rd Meeting of HPED Steering Committee

The opening session included speeches from FAO (Dr. Konuma), OIE (Dr. Murray), WHO (Dr. Lee) and EU (Mr. Schoof).

The guidance and openness of both regional Secretariats was recognized by the EU representative.

This one day SC meeting included reporting on progress and implementation plans as well as discussions on the vision and impacts of the programme to date. A poster session was also conducted to visually relay actions implemented to date and to stimulate debate for the recommendations; the latter were presented and recognized during the GF-TADs SC meeting.

In view of the fact that the programme would draw to a close by end 2013, the next Steering Committee will be the fora for examining the strengths, weaknesses and lessons learned of the programme; this would also serve to explore achievements and activities by development partners and the regional organizations. 

All implementing partners and regional organizations reiterated the need for continuity and sustainability, particularly financial commitment from the donor; the EU clarified that a second phase of the programme was not foreseen but made reference to an upcoming call linked to a new EU One Health programme in the region.

6th GF-TADs Regional Steering Committee Meeting 

The opening session for 6th GF-TADS included speeches from Permanent Secretariat (Dr Shimohira), FAO (Dr. Konuma), OIE (Dr. Murray) and DLD (Dr. Wimolporn). 

During the Meeting progress of the Global and Regional GF-TADs were reported, followed by reports from FAO-RAP, SAARC and SPC. Poster session on the topic “Listing and key issues on TADs control”. Capture from Global Conference on FMD Control and overview of pig diseases in the Region were presented by Dr. De Leeuw and Dr. Kawashima, the invited speakers. New activities of the OIE-RR-AP, OIE-SRR-SEA, FAO-RAP, and EMPRESS were presented, followed by coordination discussion.

Highlight of the meeting was the presentation and discussion on draft 5 Year Action Plan for Regional GF-TADs for Asia and the Pacific. Participants actively discussed and proposed a wide range of comments to improve the draft Action Plan. It was agreed that the second draft, revised based on the comments received, would be circulated electronically. After circulation and revision of the second draft (if any), the Provisional Action Plan would then be submitted to Global GF-TADs through OIE by August 2, 2012.

During general discussion session by Donors and Partners, many issues were raised such as, GF-TADs recommendations are not easy to translate in to action, coordination is the key issue, ‘mapping activities’ should be exercised to identify synergy and duplication, as well as to identify gaps where more supports are needed. The representative from WHO commented that Tripartite collaboration should also be emphasized in the Action Plan. The last session was wrap-up and conclusion. The recommendations from HPED meeting was presented by Ms. Tagliaro and the recommendation from 6th GF-TADs was presented by Dr. Shimohira. After discussion for a few changes the Recommendations of the 6th GF-TADs was endorsed by the Meeting.

Both meetings were successfully completed and their objectives were met.

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