OIE/JTF Project for FMD Control in Asia

Inception Meeting of OIE/JTF Project for FMD Control in Asia (Tokyo, Japan, 13-14 December 2011)

The new OIE/JTF project was initiated to strengthen FMD prevention and control in Asia after many countries in the Region drastically affected by FMD outbreak in the past few years. Ultimate Goal of the project can be achieved through activitiesto promote information sharing on FMD in the Region, to develop strategies and roadmap for FMD control in East Asia, to strengthen capacity of surveillance and diagnosis, and to improve FMD control measures in national and regional levels. The project invites members in East Asia, including Japan, RO Korea, PR China, Mongolia, Hong Kong SAR and Chinese Taipei; however, other countries in Asia can participate if appropriate. The project is planned for 5 years (2011-2015). Objectives of the Inception Meeting are to launch the Project and to provide opportunity for members, experts and observers to share information and discuss ideas towards the Project.

The Inception Meeting was attended by 38 participants. Three participants from each member, comprising CVO, disease control officer and laboratory officers, were invited to share information on their FMD situation and control measures, as well as diagnostic and research capacity. Two keynote speakers, Dr Kris De Clercq, Vice President of OIE Scientific Commission on Animal Diseases, and Dr Peter De Leeuw, Senior Veterinary Advisor AGAG, FAO, were invited to give presentations on FMD situation worldwide and global strategy for FMD control. Resource persons from OIE Collaborating Centre, OIE Reference Laboratory and SEACFMD Campaign, as well as representatives from FAO and IAEA informed the Meeting about technical resources available and other FMD projects in the Region, to promote synergies and enhance cooperative efforts to control FMD in the country and regional levels.  Representatives from USDA and JICA also participated as observers. 

The Inception Meeting of OIE/JTF Project for FMD Control in Asia was completed very successfully, with friendly atmosphere of information sharing, productive discussion and excellent interactive questions and answers. Project Framework and early activities proposed by OIE Regional Representation for Asia and the Pacific will be endorsed by the Meeting after slightly modifications.



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