08/30/17 08:17

Regional Workshop for Veterinary Education Establishments (VEEs) and Veterinary Statutory Bodies (VSBs)

Incheon, Korea R.O, 30-31 August 2017

Veterinary Education Establishments (VEEs) and Veterinary Statutory Bodies (VSBs) go hand in hand and they are recognized as pillars for effective implementation of Veterinary Services (VS). The OIE held four of the Global Conferences on Veterinary Education since 2009, most recently in 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand and subsequently developed sets of relevant recommendations and guidelines on the topics, such as “Competencies of graduating veterinarians (‘Day 1 graduates’)”, ”Veterinary Education Core Curriculum”, “Veterinary Education Twinning Projects” and “Veterinary Statutory Bodies Twinning Projects”.

In the sub-region of South East Asia, VEEs and VSBs meeting organised by OIE SRR SEA has come to its fifth time in Thailand on 9-10 November 2015. In view of the progress made in the ASEAN members on VEEs and VSBs, it is a good opportunity to expand the involvement and participation of other OIE members in Asia.

After discussion with the Korean organising committee of the 33rd World Veterinary Congress (WVC), it was agreed that the Regional Workshop for VEEs and VSBs be organised by the OIE during the Congress period from 27 to 31 August 2017, at Songdo ConvensiA, Incheon, with support of Republic of Korea.

The objectives of this workshop are;
(1) to introduce OIE Policy and Activities on veterinary education,
(2) to share current situation, experiences and challenges relevant to VEEs and VSBs in participating members, including the progress made in the ASEAN members,
(3) to identify commonalities/differences in participating members in comparison with OIE Standards and Recommendations, and
(4) to discuss future cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders in the fields of VEEs and VSBs......