12/06/17 06:31

Regional Conference on Veterinary Paraprofessionals in Asia

Bangkok, Thailand, 6-8 Dec. 2017

One of the several outcomes expected under the OIE’s 6th Strategic Plan for 2016-2020 is “a better definition of the role of paraprofessionals and non-veterinary specialists, including their education and training”.

The OIE and the Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines (GALVmed), in close collaboration with the Thai Department of Livestock Development will be hosting the Regional Conference on Veterinary Paraprofessionals in Asia, in Bangkok, Thailand from 6 to 8 December 2017.

The regional conference on VPPs in Asia will feature presentations from representatives of Veterinary Authorities, VSBs and educational institutes of regional countries, as well as experts on the activities of VPPs from international and regional organisations.

The regional conference aims to:

1.    Increase understanding of OIE’s conception of the scope of VPPs as stipulated in the OIE Terrestrial Code and with reference to the OIE PVS tool and the importance of PVVs in the global development field in terms of the delivery of quality Veterinary Services;

2.    Review the current situation of VPPs in Asia, notably their training, qualification and status, and the challenges they are experiencing;

3.    Review the realities of the needs of the Veterinary Services in the field in Asia and discuss how best VPPs may contribute to the delivery of quality Veterinary Services in cooperation with other cadres of actors, notably veterinarians and CAHWs;

4.    Review the on-going OIE work of identifying minimum competencies for the three streams of VPPs and developing guidelines on core training curricula from the viewpoint of regional applicability; and

5.    Explore options for recognizing, accrediting and regulating VPPs in the delivery of quality Veterinary Services that are appropriate to individual countries’ contexts.

The conference will develop recommendations for future action both for regional Members, the OIE and GALVmed.