09/11/17 08:41

FAO-APHCA / OIE Regional Technical Workshop on the Prevention and Control of Animal Brucellosis and Tuberculosis in Asia

Bangkok, Thailand, 11-13 September 2017

Recognising the significance of neglected zoonotic diseases, the OIE Regional Representation for Asia and the Pacific (OIE RRAP) and the Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) Animal Production and Health Commission for Asia (APHCA), organised several meetings on prevention and control of neglected zoonoses in the region. Brucellosis has been recognised as one of the priority issues for the region and, of late, bovine tuberculosis is being increasingly considered as a zoonoses of significant concern in the region also because of complexities associated with multi-drug resistant issues in humans. Considering the importance of these two diseases, the FAO and the OIE have once again decided to organise a joint technical workshop focusing on these two diseases and inviting experts in this field from the World Reference Centres as well as OIE Member Countries to convene and discuss.

The objectives of the workshop are:
iv) Updating disease situation and burden of animal brucellosis and tuberculosis including public health and socio-economic impact through productivity losses in Asia,
v) Discussing effective means or options for the prevention and control of the two diseases including OIE standards on controlling brucellosis and tuberculosis in animals,
vi) Share experiences and lessons learned from countries in addressing animal tuberculosis and brucellosis.

The main expected outcome of the workshop is to draft a viable plan for the prevention and control of the two diseases in animals in the region. Besides providing updated information on the disease situation, the workshop participants will receive the latest developments in the prevention and control through technical presentations from and discussions with the experts.