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Forthcoming OIE Regional Events in Asia and the Pacific

April 2018 and onwards (indicative)




Target Group

Regional Seminar for OIE National Focal Points for Veterinary Products (5th Cycle) (Finished)

20-22 Mar 2018

Bangkok, Thailand


OIE Animal Welfare Forum (Finished)

28-29 Mar. 2018

Paris, France

Global (selected)

SEACFMD Epidemiological Meeting & 2nd East Asia Contact Persons Meeting (Finished) 

5-6 April 2018

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

SEACFMD & East Asia

OIE General Session (plus New Delegates Seminar) (Finished) 

19-25 May 2018

Paris, France


10th FAO/OIE Regional Steering Committee Meeting of GF-TADs for Asia and the Pacific (Finished) 

10-11 July 2018

Bangkok, Thailand

Committee members

SEACFMD National Coordinators Meeting (Finished) 

17-19 July 2018

Penang, Malaysia


Regional Seminar for OIE National Focal Points for Communication (Finished) 

24-26 July 2018

Beijing, China P.R.


Regional Training on Swine Disease Control (Finished) 

30 Jul. - 3 Aug. 2018

Beijing, China P.R.

Asia-Pacific (selected)

Regional Workshop on Transboundary Animal Diseases (TADs) Control (Finished) 

22-23 Aug. 2018

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Asia-Pacific (selected)

Regional Workshop on Vector Borne Disease

10-11 Sep. 2018

Korea R.O.


Regional Workshop on Swine Diseases Control

2-4 Oct. 2018

Cebu, Philippines

Asia-Pacific (selected)

Regional Workshop on Neglected Foodborne and Zoonotic Parasitic Diseases in Asia

16-18 Oct. 2018

Luang Prabang, Laos

Asia-Pacific (selected)

Regional Short-Term Training Seminar on Antimicrobial Resistance

15-18 Oct. 2018


Asia-Pacific (selected)

2nd OIE Global Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance and Prudent Use of Antimicrobial Agents in Animals

29-31 Oct. 2018

Marrakesh, Morocco


24th Meeting of the OIE Sub-Commission for Foot and Mouth Disease in South-East Asia and China (SEACFMD)

27-30 Nov. 2018



OIE Regional Expert Consultation Meeting on Aquatic Animal Health

Nov. 2018


Asia-Pacific (selected)

2nd Regional Workshop on Veterinary Education Establishments (VEEs) and Veterinary Statutory Bodies (VSBs)

19-20 Nov 2018

Tokyo, Japan

Asia-Pacific (selected)

Regional Workshop on Animal Feed Safety

Dec. 2018



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Marrakesh, Morocco 29-31 Oct. 2018