Situational updates of ASF in Asia and the Pacific (31 May - 6 June 2019)

This ASF update covers the period from May 31 to June 6, 2019.  A classification of the affected population (by backyard and farmed swine, and wild boar) was made considering their different roles in the epidemiology of the disease.Cambodia has submitted a Final report notifying the resolution of the ASF event in the country. Since the first occurrence of the disease (March 22, 2019), seven outbreaks have occurred in Rattanakiri province, all of them have been resolved in or before May 9, 2019. China (People’s Rep. of) submitted two new Follow up Reports (FURs) notifying one outbreak in Guangxi and another one in Guizhou. Since the first occurrence in the country (August 1, 2018), 140 outbreaks have been reported in 31 different administrative divisions, from which 103 have been resolved. Currently, 37 outbreaks in 15 different administrative divisions are still ongoing in China (People’s Rep. of).Hong Kong (SAR-PRC) has submitted a new Immediate Notification (IN), notifying one more case of ASF. The virus was detected in tissue samples collected from an imported pig that died in the slaughterhouse, as part of the surveillance system in place. The first detected case was also discovered in a slaughterhouse. Since the first occurrence of the disease in Hong Kong (SAR-PRC), two outbreaks have been reported. Korea (Dem. People's Rep.) notified the first occurrence of the disease in the country on May 30. The outbreak was confirmed on May 25, in a village of Chagang-Do province. No new outbreaks have been reported in the country within the period. Vietnam submitted two new FURs, reporting 47 new outbreaks. Six new administrative divisions have been affected within the period. In total, 2802 outbreaks have been notified in 54 administrative divisions since the first occurrence of the disease in the country (February 1, 2019). None of these outbreaks have been reported as resolved. Clusters of up to 383 outbreaks have been reported in the country.Finally, no ASF events have been reported in Mongolia. The last event was resolved in March. In total, 11 outbreaks in 6 different administrative divisions were notified since the disease was first reported in the country (January 9, 2019).The distribution of the new reported outbreaks in the current period and the ongoing outbreaks is represented in the map (figure 1).The impact of African swine fever in Asia since August 2018 is detailed in figure 2, representing the cumulative number of animal losses (backyard and farmed swine) by administrative divisions affected.NOTE: The losses are calculated based on the sum of dead and culled animals in the infected farm or backyard premises reported by outbreak.

OIE African Swine Fever portal is here.   OIE has been publishing ASF reports on bi-weekly basis on the website.   Please refer to WAHIS for the latest information.