The South-East Asia and China Foot and Mouth Disease (SEACFMD) Campaign

The recognition by the OIE of FMD as a regional animal health and development issue gave birth to the South-East Asia Foot and Mouth Disease (SEAFMD) Campaign in the early 1990s. SEAFMD became a formal OIE programme in 1994 with the establishment of the OIE Sub-Commission for South-East Asia. The Sub-Commission is chaired by the OIE with members comprising participating countries, ASEAN, the then Australian Government’s Overseas Aid Programme (AusAID), FAO and key donors. The Founding Members were Cambodia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. All member countries belong to ASEAN. Under an agreement between the OIE and the Kingdom of Thailand, a Regional Coordination Unit (RCU) for SEAFMD was established in Bangkok in 1997. Although free from FMD, Indonesia became a Member in 2001, recognising the importance of participating in regional efforts to control the disease and to maintain freedom. With the membership of the remaining ASEAN countries (Singapore and Brunei Darussalam) and the PR of China in 2010, the SEAFMD campaign was renamed the South-East Asia and China Foot and Mouth Disease (SEACFMD). SEACFMD has been globally recognised as a model in the regional control of a priority transboundary animal disease.

SEACFMD aims to increase the productivity and economic output of the livestock sector by controlling and eradicating FMD in South East Asia and China. The Campaign is guided by the ‘SEACFMD 2020 Roadmap’, which describes strategies to achieve FMD freedom with vaccination by 2020 and maintain freedom in free countries and zones.

The SEACFMD programme was designed in three phases with the first three phases having been completed. The Programme entered Phase 4 in 2011.  This Phase introduced the revised SEACFMD 2020 road map, taking into account lessons learned from previous phases, the needs of new members, scientific developments and the changing socio-economic patterns that will impact on disease control activities, not only for FMD, but for other emerging infectious diseases, including zoonoses.

SEACFMD 2020 Roadmap