Strategic planning workshops for national veterinary laboratories

To strengthen the capacity of national veterinary laboratories, the OIE SRR SEA continued organizing strategic planning workshops for national animal laboratories under its USAID-funded IDENTIFY programme.

On 9-12 October 2013, such a workshop was held in the People’s Republic of China’s Animal Health and Epidemiology Center, Qingdaofor Laboratory Management Department. There were 32 participants and observers from the country’s veterinary laboratories, WHO and FAO.

Follow-up workshops were organized on 26-27 September 2013 for the National Veterinary Research Institute of Cambodia and 9-10 December 2013 for the National Animal Health Laboratory of Lao PDR. Both countries had their strategic planning workshops in 2012 and early 2013. The Asian Institute of Technology experts on strategic planning facilitated the workshops while FAO staff provided valuable inputs.

On 29-30 October, the fifth meeting of the Regional Animal Health Laboratory Technical Advisory Group (Lab-TAG) was held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health Services (DGLAHS), Department of Animal Health, Indonesia hosted the meeting, in collaboration with FAO and OIE. The meeting discussed the progress in integrating the Regional Laboratory Network (RLN) within ASEAN, existing RLN laboratory capacity building programs, and issues related to the avian influenza H7N9 virus.

The Lab-TAG meeting was held back to back with the First ASEAN Laboratory Directors’ Forum which took place on 31 October - 1 November 2013. The forum was supported by the USAID-IDENTIFY and EU-HPED projects in collaboration with FAO and OIE. In consultation with the ASEAN Secretariat, the forum convened the directors of the national veterinary laboratories from all of the ASEAN member states.