Good Governance of Veterinary Services: Workshops/Meetings

Training Seminar on the OIE PVS tool for East Asia, Seoul, R. O. Korea, 26-28 Arpil 2016

The Training Seminar on the OIE PVS Tool for East Asia was held in Seoul, Korea (Rep of) from 26 to 28 April 2016. This seminar was attended by a total of 33 participants, including 26 representatives from 5 Member countries and Territory, 2 experts and 5 OIE staff.

The seminar provided participants 1) a better understanding of the PVS Pathway and more specifically the OIE PVS Tool to participating countries/territory; 2) the understanding of the 4 Fundamental Components of PVS and its Critical Competencies as well as the necessary preparatory tasks of a PVS Evaluation mission including documentation; and 3) with the opportunity to share and discuss their own country/territory experiences. 

The meeting started with presentations from participating countries/territory providing general background information of Veterinary Services and the challenges they are facing in their own countries/territory regarding the implementation of OIE’s standards on the quality of Veterinary Services.

Participants had opportunities to learn about general information of the OIE, the OIE PVS Pathways, and the PVS Tool to understand the concept of the Fundamental Components and Critical Competencies. Examples of several Critical Competencies and their assessment were delivered by the trainers. Also, participants had a chance to gain experiences on; 1) how the PVS Tool could link to the disease control with an example of the step wise approach to Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) control and eradication, 2) how to manage/prepare an OIE PVS Evaluation mission – before/during/after the mission, and 3) how to assess Critical Competencies as an evaluator in the team of a PVS Evaluation with an example of a fictitious country, Tryland.

The seminar provided opportunity to the participants for better understanding of OIE and OIE PVS Tool in more detail. The meeting went smoothly, successful with fruitful discussion and informative. It took a while to break the ice among participants but all attendees showed appreciation to the OIE and host country.




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