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The 8th FAO/OIE Regional Steering Committee Meeting of GF-TADs for Asia and the Pacific (Bangkok, Thailand, 16-17 July 2014)

The Global Framework for the Progressive Control of Transboundary Animal Diseases (GF-TADs) is a joint FAO and OIE initiative, started in 2004, aiming to coordinate activities of both organizations to achieve common objectives with synergy. The GF-TADs is a coordinating mechanism which makes an effort to empower regional members to control transboundary animal diseases (TADs), by providing capacity building and establishing programmes for the specific control of certain TADs based on regional priorities. 

FAO/OIE Regional Steering Committee Meeting of GF-TADs for Asia and the Pacific is organised annually since 2005; this meeting is the eighth time.  Main objectives of the annual meeting include sharing information on updated GF-TADs works from Global , Regional and Sub-regional levels, coordinating TADs control activities of ASEAN, SAARC, and SPC as well as SEACFMD and APHCA in cooperation with Donor agencies, discussing on animal disease emerging trend and situation in each sub-region, and reviewing the 5-year Action Plan and other related issues. Special issues of the 8th GF-TADs were the first update of the Action Plan and discussion on emerging animal disease trends which include Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR), African Swine Fever (ASF) and Influenza H7N9.

There were 60 participants in total, including representatives from OIE, FAO, WHO, Regional Organisations, namely ASEAN, SAARC, SPC, SEACFMD and APHCA, Donors (Australia, EU, NIAH, USDA-APHIS, USAID, IFAH, JICA), as well as some countries in the Region as observers. Invited speakers are Dr Joseph Domenech for PPR and Dr Daniel Beltran-Alcrudo for ASF.

The opening session was joined by Dr Thitisak (Department of Livestock Development, Thailand), Dr Konuma (FAO), Dr Evans (OIE), Dr Gongal (WHO). Opening remark was delivered by Dr Zhang (CVO of China), Chairman of the Regional Steering Committee of GF-TADs for Asia and the Pacific. 

During the meeting progress of GF-TADs at global and regional levels were reported. GF-TADs labelling and review of priority diseases were extensively discussed where further consultation with Global Secretariat were recommended. Information on key  initiatives and on-going developments was shared by ASEAN, SAARC, SPC, as well as SEACFMD and APHCA. 

Two discussion sessions were conducted. The first one was group discussion on Perspective, On-going and New Activities on TADs Control where each group was asked to raise 3 important implementation issues. Common key issues from the groups are resource and coordination. The second discussion was on emerging animal diseases trends in the Region. PPR, ASF and Influenza H7N9 were selected topics, where invited speakers presented updated information, followed by a plenary round-table discussion. Donors (Australia, USDA-APHIS, IFAH, China and  JICA) had opportunity to state their perspectives, on-going and new activities.

The closing remarks were delivered by representatives from FAO, OIE and WHO as well as Chairman of Regional Steering Committee for GF-TADs. The importance of GF-TADs coordination mechanism and the implementation of activities under One Health concept were recapped by the speakers.    

The 8th FAO/OIE Regional Steering Committee Meeting on GF-TADs for Asia and the Pacific  completed successfully and achieved its objectives.  The conclusion and recommendation of this meeting  will be a reference and guideline for GF-TADs activities in Asia-Pacific region.  The RSC recommended to organise Regional GF-TADs meeting for Asia-Pacific every two years from now on, to allow for sub-regional meetings to take place between RSC meetings.

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