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The 7th Regional Steering Committee Meeting of GF-TADs for Asia and the Pacific (Tokyo, Japan, 17-18 July 2013)

The Global Framework for the Progressive Control of Transboundary Animal Diseases (GF-TADs) is a joint FAO/OIE initiative, started in 2004, aiming to coordinate activities of both organizations to achieve common objectives with synergy. The GF-TADs is a coordinating mechanism which makes an effort to empower regional members to control transboundary animal diseases (TADs), by providing capacity building and establishing programmes for the specific control of certain TADs based on regional priorities.
FAO/OIE Regional Steering Committee Meeting on GF-TADs for Asia and the Pacific is organized annually since 2005; this meeting is the seventh time.  Main objectives of the annual meeting  include to acknowledge reports and progress of RSOs, to advise on the coordination, management, and on annual work plans of the RSU activities, to assist the RSOs and major donors in monitoring and evaluating the RSU activities. Special issues of the 7th GF-TADs were the nomination of the new Chairman of Regional Steering Committee (Dr Zhang, PR China), the approved 5-year Action Plan, the updated TOR of regional steering committee. Emerging disease trends in the region include Influenza H7N9 and bee diseases.

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