IV. Improve FMD control measures at national and regional levels

Based on the fact that FMD is an important transboundary animal disease (TAD) prevention and control of FMD only at country level are not sufficient to prevent the outbreak in the Region. It requires regional cooperation and assistance to reduce FMD incidence in endemic countries to control disease at the source and to mitigate the overall risk of the countries in Asia. OIE/JTF Project on FMD Control in Asia, therefore, contains the Component IV aiming to improve FMD control measures at national and regional levels through strengthening epidemiology studies, field investigation as well as FMD vaccination and monitoring. The Project supports and coordinates field activities based on country proposal and available resources, expecting that these FMD control activities can be model for other places in the Region. Activities under this component were implemented by synergic contributions of the country, MAFF (Japan), NIAH (Japan) and OIE Asia-Pacific.