FMD Diagnostic training in Japan (2012)

Objective:  To strengthen laboratory capacity in Asia

Trainee:  Dr (Ms) Gerelmaa Ulziibat

FMD researcher Unit, State Central Veterinary Laboratory (SCVL), Mongolia

Mentor:  Dr Kazuo Yoshida, NIAH-Japan

Duration:  May – November 2012

Period:  6 Months

Venue:  Exotic Disease Research Center, National Institute of Animal Health in Japan (NIAH-Japan), Tokyo

Content of the training: Basic techniques and scientific knowledge on FMD and its diagnosis through experimental infection of FMDV in cattle, goats and pigs. The training program is expected to cover cell culture, virus isolation, virus detection (RT-PCR, Real time PCR, etc), nucleotide sequencing and interpretation, and other topic when appropriate. 

Expected output: SCVL of Mongolia can improve its FMD diagnosis capacity. Before the training FMD laboratory of SCVL could carry out serological test and PCR to detect FMD but not virus isolation and nucleotide sequencing. After the training the project expects SCVL to be able to carry out basic FMDV isolation, improve its current diagnostic techniques (serology and PCR), as well as extend the know-how acquired from this training to other laboratories in Mongolia laboratory network.