Meetings OIE/JTF Project on FMD Control in Asia

2nd NCP Mtg. in Mongolia

2nd National Contact Person Meeting (6 October 2013)

The 2nd National Contact Person (NCP) meeting was convened on 6 October 2013 at Bayangol Hotel, followed by laboratory visit to State Central Veterinary Laboratory (SCVL) in Ulaanbaartar, Mongolia. The meeting was participated by NCP from Members including P.R. China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, R.O. Korea and Mongolia.

This year representatives from D.P.R. Korea also joined the Meeting. Dr Baatar Toggonyam, Chief Veterinary Officer of Mongolia, attended the Meeting and led the laboratory visit. Dr Gideon Brückner, President of OIE Scientific Committee, was invited as an advisor to the NCP group.  

Main objectives of these meetings were to discuss the Roadmap, exchange information on National FMD strategies and implementation, and to update information on country profile. The NCPs discussed on the draft Roadmap and agreed to propose the draft to Coordination Committee, taking into consideration the advice from Dr Brückner and comments during the meeting. Status of National Strategic Plan and PCP stage of each Member was confirmed or updated.

After discussion, NCP group had an opportunity to visit State Center of Veterinary Laboratory (SCVL), national reference laboratory for veterinary diagnosis of Mongolia.

All NCPs joined the 2nd Coordination Committee Meeting and the 1st FMD Scientific Meeting for East Asia convened at Hustai National Park on the following days.